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Acalanes High School Lafayette, CA
Amador Valley High School Pleasanton, CA
Athenian School Diablo, CA
Bentley School Oakland, CA
California High School San Ramon, CA
Cal State Pomona Pomona, CA
Carondelet High School Concord, CA
Clayton Valley High School Concord, CA
CPC Danville, CA
De La Salle High School Concord, CA
Del Amigo High School Danville, CA
Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill, CA
Foothill High School Pleasanton, CA
Las Lomas High School Walnut Creek, CA
Lewis & Clark College Portland, OR
Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, CA
Miramonte High School Orinda, CA
Monte Vista High School Alamo, CA
San Ramon Valley High School Danville, CA
UC Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA
University of San Francisco San Francisco, CA
Venture School Danville, CA
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Acalanes High School

Annie Daher ‘03
College: Dartmouth ‘07
Career with Passion: Leadership in Business

...The exercises in this program are great, such as the card sort, because it gave me something tangible to work with and visualize my strengths...

Miranda Erokan ‘07

I liked figuring out my top 3 passions... I thought it was a good start to a planning process that will take years.

California High School

Ashley Grant ‘ 06
Career with Passion: Web Design

This program was very helpful. When I was first beginning to think about college I was afraid and overwhelmed. This class puts things into perspective and helped me put things in order. They analyzed me to find how my skills translated to a career that I will love…now I feel prepared and ready to go out and reach for my career.

Punam Mistry ‘07

This workshop really opened my view to how to get to where I want to be in the future!

Sadef Sareshwala ‘07

This workshop helped me grab my life and career by the horns, thanks!

Sydni Green ‘07

getInsights helps people to explore career paths... the workshop gave me more understanding of how to reach my career goal.”

Carondelet High School

Ashley Core ‘03
College: Diablo Valley College ‘05

getInsights has made me the master of my future by helping me discover what I value, and who I really am. The organized nature of the (one-on-one coaching) program was key in sorting through my complex character to get to the basics of the person that I am, and the person that I want to be.

Clayton Valley High School

Amanda Vatnsdal ‘03
Career with Passion: Art Director (magazine design and events planning)

This program opened up new career possibilities I hadn't thought of before and helped me broaden my understanding of my interests."

Del Amigo High School

Danny Saballos ‘05
Career with Passion: Composing Music

"Christine's program is designed to find out what your passion may think you know exactly what you are going to do for a living, until you take the program for the program Christine is 'on your side' since her passion is helping people find their (passion), you know it is going to work. In the 1- hour sessions, you'll find out more about yourself that you have in your lifetime. Thanks Christine."

Foothill High School

Brandon Williams ‘06

This workshop made me sit down and get focused... I liked being able to be open up. It made me be more serious about life.”

Chris Sumerlin ‘06

This workshop was insightful and helped me find what my actual interests are.”

Dustin May ‘04

This workshop helped me narrow down my interests... and showed me how to apply them to my future.”

Jacquelyn May ‘06

Everyone got a lot of attention in this workshop. It wasn't just a class that told you how to pick a career. It found out what I liked and built on that.”

Jenna Tidwell ‘06

This workshop was so helpful and helped me narrow down a career... I realized more about myself coming out of this workshop. I am now able to play my future according to what I want.”

Kelly Fisher ‘08

The workshop really helped me understand what I was really interested in... They gave lots of advice and they gave a different view of it all.”

Vanessa Gabadon ‘05

The workshop helped me match my skills with my likes and dislikes. 'The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams.' -Eleanor Roosevelt.”

Las Lomas High School

Brandon Kersis ‘03
Career with Passion: Public Relations

“The getInsights program gave me an understanding of what I want to achieve in life, and a structured plan on what I need to do to get there.

Miramonte High School

Lana Olmer ‘07

“The getInsights workshop was dynamic and interesting.

Norman Pitt ‘05

“getInsights helped focus in on how to choose a job... I liked talking to the parents about jobs and connections... (in the workshop)

Monte Vista High School

Brad Hartstein ‘04
College: NYU
Major: Business / Economics
Career Focus: Economist / Venture Capital & Public Sector

“This (one-on-one coaching) program was great helping me find out who I am and what job field I would like to pursue. It also prepared me well to achieve my goals for my future career.

Craig Hartstein ‘04
College: UC Davis ‘08
Major and career focus: Psychology

getInsights helped me (unknowlingly) realise what my true interests are and how to relate them to a job I can pursue.“

Katie Tyler ‘07

“I liked getting up and moving around (in the workshop), playing fun games and exercises.

San Ramon Valley High School

Cori Ramos ‘03
Career with Passion: Nurse Practitioner Field

This process has been very positive for me, because I have my plan out in front of me and it is going to lead me to a career I love!

Ryan Lescure ‘05

This workshop showed me the importance in planning before I embark on my college journey and affirmed my interests.

Zack White ‘04
Career with Passion: Criminologist (Psychology emphasis)

This program opens doors that lead to what will hopefully be a successful future… I would recommend this program to friends because it helped me realize what it is that I want to do for my career…”

University of San Francisco

Meghan Johnson
Career: Human resources in the legal field

There is a misrepresentation that people will 'find' themselves in high school or college, and know what kind of career they are destined for. getInsights helped me find direction towards my career through interviews, card sorts, games and brainstorming on what I really liked and disliked about my former and current jobs and interestes. I would recommed career coaching from getInsights to anyone in high school, college or beyond that doesn't really know what kind of degree or career that would be interesting and challenging for them.


Carson Ahlquist
Parent, Acalanes High School, ‘07 and ‘08

“I liked the cards and interviews in the workshop.”

Kathleen Cherie
Parent, Bentley School, ‘07

“getInsights' workshop provides interactive activities that allow students to go on a journey of self-discovery and introduces the career path, showing them how to make interests and passions into every day careers.”

Anne Holding
Mom of Amanda Holding, Acalanes High School, ‘05 and ‘08

“As a mother, I saw a great opportunity in getInsights’ program for my daughter to gain greater perspective into her natural talents in order to pursue an educational and career path to which she is suited and that would make her happy. Through their sequenced program, getInsights helped my daughter identify her natural inclinations and talents. This knowledge will serve her well as she makes decisions about her course of study in college and perhaps in graduate school. getInsights’ program offers our youth an opportunity to help bring them clarity at a time in their lives when they live with much confusion.”

Lisa Kelly
Mom of Alex Kelly, Merit Scholar Finalist, Amador Valley High School, ‘03, Reed College, 08

“Thank-you so much for your (one-on-one coaching) work with Alexa... getInsights has given my daughter the confidence to pursue what she wants to do by showing her the steps it would take to succeed in her chosen profession. Anxiety about the future, or the 'right' major has been replaced by the clarity of results too. I think Alison must have done a wonderful job of encouraging, as well as informing her! I liked the detailed information on the chosen professions that Alison researched... Alexa really enjoyed working with her.”

Holly Kersis
Mom of Brandon Kersis, Las Lomas High School, ‘03

“Our son Brandon has completed the getInsights program and has learned how to effectively use his social skills in the business world, is doing well in college, has a career goal and is looking forward to an internship this summer. I have recommended getInsights to our friends and will continue to do so.”

Baz Mistry
Dad of Punam Mistry, Cal High School, ‘07

“The getInsights Parent-teen workshop was great and interactive and provided identification of personality and interests and how those match to a career direction.”

Cindy Thompson
Parent, San Ramon High School, ‘05

“The workshop was refreshing and helpful, with though provoking exercises to help teens focus.”


Jacque Barker
Career Center, Foothill High School

“Career coaching is a valuable resource for high school students today. Students have a very difficult time looking at all of their options. Career coaching is a vital part of their life journey. getInsights is an excellent resource that will allow students to determine where they should begin their career exploration.”

Cindy Bonagura
Business Education Instructor, Cal High School

“Trying to get our young people today to think about what they want to be and how they want to spend their life is a difficult task at best. getInsights can get even the most seemingly disinterested students to think and reflect about their future. The content of the workshop from getInsights is one that all people need, not only our teenagers.”

Megan Voos
Program: Associate Director, Youth Ministries (10 years), CPC, Danville.
Career with Passion: Ministry and Helping the "overlooked"

"With a direct approach, depth of insight, and authentic care for her clients, Christine motivates and inspires...I am thrilled with the new direction my life is taking and the confidence I have gained. Thank you!"

(Megan completed the program and has referred many students to enroll in the program.)

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