getInsights has successfully helped thousands of students realize their dream careers! getInsights' foundational program is based on our patent-pending Potential Reach Model. Four services are offered to meet the schedules of students today:
  1. One on One Coaching

  2. Workshops

  3. Online Career Profile

  4. School Site License Program

One on One Coaching

Our One on One Coaching helps students discover and embrace who they are, and find the best matching college and career paths for future success and happiness. In addition, students create action plans and are given contacts in their fields of interest. The student and the certified coach meet once per week for several weeks in a fun and interactive learning environment.

By the end of the sessions the student and parents will receive:
  • A Career Summary Report with 3 specific careers that match the student’s unique strengths and interests

  • Recommended College Majors

  • An Action Plan with the student's identified career options and steps to achieve their chosen path.

To sign up for this service, please call: (925) 299-8836 or email For more information, click here: One on One Coaching. To learn what students are saying about our services, click here: Testimonials.

Recommended for:

  • All students ages 14 and older

  • Juniors or seniors that have not yet selected a career path or college major

  • All students regardless of their GPA


The Workshops provide students with insights into who they are and how they best match to career clusters, college majors and other future opportunities. Students work through a series of fun, interactive exercises with their peers and a certified coach. They learn how to take charge of their high school, college and career future through our three easy steps. Students and coaches meet 2 hours the 1st week, with independent exploratory study during the second week, and a 2 hour working session in the 3rd and final week.

From a getInsights Workshop, the student and parents will receive:
  • A Workshop Summary and Poster with the student's key takeaways and insights

  • A coach-directed exploratory meeting, where the student will explore career areas that match them

  • College major and career cluster recommendations

  • An Action Plan built by the student and coach, identifying the student's selected career clusters and next steps to realize his/her dream job.

To sign up for these popular Workshops, please see our Calendar for a location and time near you, call us at (925) 299-8836, or email us at Please include when you are interested in attending and where you live.

Recommended for:

  • All students ages 14 and older

  • Juniors or seniors that have not yet selected a career path or college major

  • All students regardless of GPA

getInsights Career Profile

The getInsights Career Profile provides students with insight into who they are and how they can translate their unique strengths into appealing careers, college majors and other future pathways. This Profile is a great tool for students who are too busy to attend in-person meetings, but still want to know which career and/or college opportunities best fit them. Through a series of online, interactive questions, a student receives a detailed report within minutes that includes:
  • Summary of their Strengths, Skills, Interests & More

  • Best matching College Majors & Career Paths

  • Links to real-world Job Descriptions

  • Report Access for 1 full year

  • New! Student center: to access hottest careers, best colleges, meet professionals in your field of interest and more! To access: It's easy!After you take your profile, click login from

Receive your own Career Profile now. It takes only 5 minutes. Get insights and get empowered!

Recommended for:

  • All students ages 14 and older

  • All individuals seeking a career change

getInsights School Site License Program

getInsights is currently working with more than 50 schools throughout the State of California and helped thousands of students throughout the United States. getInsights Career Profile Program is inexpensive for schools, free for students and students love that it is Fun, Easy and Online. Some of the great features are:
  • Student Assessment for Career and College

  • Student Center for Career and College Planning, informational interviews with professionals and more!

  • Administrator Center to manage student users and plan student college and career planning needs

  • getInsights training for teachers and parents

  • getInsights invitations to great Company tours and events!

    Recommended for:
  • All High Schools and Colleges

  • All Students ages 14 years and older

If you are a student, parent, career counselor, educator or someone who careers about student career education, and you would like information on this program, please email us at

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