Our History

"What do I want to be when I grow up?" The age-old question asked by all of us.

We at getInsights have found that it is never too early to ask this question. OK, age 5 might be too soon…but age 15 is absolutely not!
We all know those people who seem to sail through life, who are "naturals" at their jobs. Success and happiness follow. Were they just lucky? Maybe…but we believe that this doesn’t have to be luck.

Our goal at getInsights is to make this luck accessible to all via the online Career Profile and via Coaching services for those who want them. No parachutes or 500-page books needed. Just a desire to turn innate passions and interests into a satisfying career.

How It All Began

In 1997, Christine Legg was working as a VP of Human Resources and was asked by a board member if she could help his son "John" identify a job he would love. Considering the statistics that college students change their major an average of 3.5 times and that 60% of the workforce is unsatisfied in their current job, this seemed like a considerable challenge but a worthwhile endeavor. Christine set out to work with John to illuminate his ideal career path and formulate an action plan.

Galvanized by this experience, Christine proceeded to help countless students gain insights into themselves and discover career paths that match their unique set of natural interests and skills. She dreamed of a tool that would make this experience available to all.

In January 2002, getInsights was formally born. Today, we coach and provide expert guidance to thousands of students during their often-daunting transition from classroom learning to the real world.

Questions That Demand Answers

How do you help young people figure out what they really want to do and avoid the frustration of falling into that unhappy 60% of the workforce? How do you help a high school graduate pick the right college major so that the 4-year investment pays off and creates a foundation for a prosperous life?

Answering these questions has been historically difficult. Students often have no real world job experience and no way to identify the best careers for them. As a result, college can become a soul-searching experience but the life train has already left the station.

getInsights aims to solve this dilemma. Our mission is to provide a fun, fast and compelling way for students to gain insights about themselves and their optimal college majors and career paths.

getInsights' Program specializes in helping persons 14+ years of age discover and pursue their dream career through guided self-discovery, career matching and action planning. The program and the Career Profile have been extremely successful for students from multiple high schools, colleges and organizations.

The getInsights Team is now on a journey to empower today's youth to double down on their strengths, find their unique calling in life and plan for their future. We believe that success and happiness don't have to be luck. Let us help you!

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