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Who needs the phone or email when you can have instant gratification via FAQs:

Q: I lost my password. How can I get it?
A: No problem. It happens to all of us. You can get it automatically.
Just click on Your Profile and follow the instructions for Lost Password.

Q: I don’t remember my user name. Ooops.
A: No problem again. We’ve all been there. You can get it automatically as long as you have your original email address. Just click on Your Profile and follow the instructions for Lost Password. You will receive an email with your user name and password.

Q: My email address changed. Can I update it?
A: Of course. Just visit Your Profile, click on the "Update Your Profile" link. Here you can fix your email address, password and other tidbits.

Q: I was answering the Profile questions and I got rudely interrupted (e.g., my computer crashed; I lost my Internet connection). Can I pick up where I left off?
A: Have no fear. Go to, click on the "getInsights" link and hit "Resume an Interrupted Profile". You're back in business!

Q: How can I access my Career Profile Report?
A: It’s easy. There are 3 ways.
1) Go to, log-in via Your Profile and click on the Report link.
2) Go to, click on "Get Insights" and click on the link "Review Your Profile Results".
3) Click on the Report link in the welcome email you received from

Q: How long can I see my Career Profile Report?
A: Your personal Report is saved online for at least 1 full year. To protect your privacy, all you need is your user name and password and voila. You can also print out your Report but online viewing is beneficial because you can click on the job links.

Q: I have a technical issue with my Report. What should I do?
A: We would love to know about it asap and provide help wherever possible. Please send us an email to If you can, please tell us what kind of computer (PC, MAC) and browser version you are using. Your feedback matters to us!

Q: I liked my getInsights Report and am interested in talking to someone about my choices in more depth. What are my options?
A: You are not alone. It can be really helpful to talk over college and career paths with people you trust. Help is totally available. You can discuss the Report with your career counselor, your friends, your parents, your teachers, your mentor etc. getInsights also offers 2 popular services for further insight about yourself and your best matching college majors and career paths: Group Workshops and one-on-one Coaching. The Testimonials provide an inside look. For more information, please visit the Services page or email us at

Q: I really just want to be famous. What’s the best way?
A: Research shows that the best way to become "famous" or well-known in your field is to pick a career path that you naturally love and excel at. Otherwise, it is an uphill battle. Double down on your strengths. Revel in your natural aptitudes. Following your passion can lead you to success and happiness – and notoriety if you want it. Having reporters follow you around can be a real drag though…

Q: My credit card was denied. What's up?
A: The most common reasons are: 1) wrong zip code, 2) wrong card number by 1 digit, or 3) the card is over its limit or has been flagged for some reason. Trying again usually fixes the problem. If not, we suggest calling your credit card company and raising ....... the issue.

Thank you again for getting Insights with us. If you didn’t find your question here or just want to give us some general comments, send us an email to We’d love to hear from you.

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