Coaching versus Counseling

Coaching versus Testing

Coaching versus Mentoring

Coaching versus Cheerleading

Coaching versus Consulting

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One on One Coaching

Coaching is the process of collaborating with individuals through listening, learning and with the appropriate tools, helping them “move forward” to the goals they want to reach for a more fulfilling life. Individuals typically wait until they are “stuck” and unable to make a necessary change or transition in their life before seeking out a coach to help them. We specialize in coaching individuals as young as 14 years old, to help them identify and plan how they will take charge of one of the largest transitions they will undergo in life! Specifically, getInsights has created a model and employs experienced coaches to work proactively with this age group to give them a competitive advantage; in discovering their desired career and planning for their transition from high school to college or high school to a “real job”.

Coaching versus Counseling

getInsights coaches individuals not counsels.

is the process of moving individuals forward with a self-directed plan. Experienced coaches never tell a client what to do, rather, they help them discover their own desired path, which in turn results in the client having higher participation and motivation to follow through with their chosen plan. The term, “Counseling” is used by a variety of professionals for different purposes. For example, many licensed therapists call themselves “Counselors”. These therapists assist clients with healing their past wounds, and are excellent for helping clients grieve, process and let go of issues that are interfering with their ability to function normally in their day-to-day life. High-school Career “Counselors” typically perform an advisory role; that is, they are assigned a large population of students to guide through administering and interpreting career inventory tests and provide those students direction to colleges based on their test results. The key differentiation for getInsights coaches is that we meet with our students 1-1 and provide career and purpose based coaching services, not personal or therapeutic counseling.

Coaching versus Testing

getInsights coaches and tests individuals.

getInsights believes both testing and coaching are necessary to allow each student to test and then think through with a “live person” their test results. However, we understand that students are too busy to incorporate One on One meetings into their schedules. To accommodate all students, getInsights offers an online assessment "getInsights" and One on One services. "getInsights™ Career Profile has successfully helped students and adults throughout the Bay Area. This assessment is based on our Potential Reach Model and thousands hours of working with individuals to help them match the specific "theme" of their overall person to career areas. Whereas most assessments evaluate only one area of a person, such as interests and require the answers to hundreds of questions, our assessement includes an individual’s interests, passions, values, personality, skills and abilities. And, the getInsights™ Career Profile only takes a couple of minutes to complete!

getInsights believes that the students have the best advantage when they meet with "a live person" to work through their career and college decisions. In our One on One Coaching, we use testing as only one of the components for discovering a student's appropriate career selection. Specifically, getInsights' model incorporates question and answer, journaling, student exercises, and an informal testing process that is user friendly. Our coaches interpret the student’s information based on a deep understanding of the student as an individual. In addition, the One on One process allows for coaches and students to have "live" question and answer discussions regarding their recommended careers, the building of their personal action plans and discussions on expert contacts in their fields of interest.

In summary, getInsights believes testing and coaching are both necessary to achieve the desired results for an individual to accurately choose a career that they will be happy with in the long term.

Coaching versus Mentoring

getInsights coaches and helps individuals meet mentors.

getInsights' coaches assist individuals with “career testing” prior to graduating from high school or college. We help our students plan how to increase their probability of securing a job in their desired career field.
Career testing is essential to an individual really understanding whether the “classroom” setting of their major is the “real world” job they would enjoy. In appropriate cases, we can introduce individuals to our large database of contacts in various career fields. In addition, we show and encourage our individuals to do “informational interviews” to help them identify with a possible mentor in their field. Mentoring is the process of an experienced individual in a specific career field providing guidance to a less experienced individual in that career field.

Coaching versus Cheerleading

getInsights coaches and motivates with specific attention to a realistic and acheiveable result.

getInsights' coaching provides positive, realistic guidance for our students; however, we also challenge and hold our students accountable for their own benefit of moving forward to their goal. In addition, our coaches do not have agendas; rather we are interested in helping our students achieve the best possible results for their desired career plan.
Cheerleading is motivating and cheering on an individual regardless of whether the desired result is realistic or achievable.

Coaching versus Consulting

getInsights coaches individuals to move forward with a self-directed plan.

Coaching will provide results for an individual that are achieved over time and with commitment on both parties. Specifically, getInsights' coaches will provide a contract, which will identify deliverables for the parent and student, however, we will not advise or tell the individual what they should do, nor will we “rush” an individual to reach a conclusion they are not prepared for. Consulting is specific advising to a group or delivery of a result for a specific project. Consulting is based on a one-sided relationship with a client. For example, “I will hire you to tell me how to fix this organizational problem”. This is an important distinction, because some of us who have worked in a consultant or corporate environment would like specific results for each meeting with the student. getInsights will coach each individual at their own pace and will achieve the specific deliverables as outlined in the contract.

Additional Benefits of getInsights' Potential Reach Program

Coaching is beneficial for different reasons and in many stages of an individual’s life, however, is especially necessary with the transition from teenager to young adult. Following summarizes some key points that are important reasons why Coaching can be beneficial for individuals during this transition:

  • Educational system does not provide tools, individual guidance and plan on how to achieve transition from educational learning to “real world” careers effectively.

    • getInsights' Coaching does offer the tools, individual guidance and plan on how to cross the bridge successfully.

  • Career counseling and tools currently offered are not unique to the individual and do not give individuals guidance necessary to discover and plan their future. For example, testing is not individual specific and does not offer follow up planning.

    • getInsights' Coaching does provide for 1-1 sessions, which offer the individuals their own unique discovery and accurate match to their dream career.

  • Educational system does not provide a vehicle for individuals to match their passion to a career

    • getInsights' Coaching has proven results! See testimonials that our Potential Reach Program does provide a vehicle for individuals to match their passion to a career.

  • More than 60% of a individuals life after college will be spent working, why not give individuals a chance to love what they do for work

    • How many people do you know that are working just for a paycheck? getInsights has a model and valuable career resources and connection that make all careers available to explore. getInsights' program is specifically designed for this purpose.

  • College is expensive! Without proper career discovery prior to attending college, individuals can likely spend a 5th or 6th year tuition at parents or their own expense.

    • College can cost up to $50,000+ per year. With that kind of investment, why not make certain you have every advantage to matching a career you love with your major prior to spending your money!

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